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Is it safe to buy items on the Ultimate Golf Web Shop?


Yes! This is the official Ultimate Golf Web Shop by HypGames and MiniClip. You can only buy Ultimate Golf in-game currency and items in our Ultimate Golf Web Shop and in-game. Purchasing from unauthorised websites is a risk to your payment, personal and account information.

Can I buy products from Ultimate Golf Web Shop and use them in-game?


Yes! All items you purchase will be available on your account to use in the game.

How do I make a purchase?


Sign in to your game account with your User ID. Select your chosen product and pay for it using your method of choice. You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase.

When will I receive my purchases?


Your purchase should be available to you immediately, the next time you relaunch Ultimate Golf. If you do not see the purchase right away, please wait a few minutes and relaunch your game. If after that point you still do not see the purchase on your account, please contact our official customer support here.

I didn’t receive my purchase. What should I do?


If you don’t receive your purchase within 48 hours, please contact our support team here providing your User ID and a screenshot of the purchase receipt. You can also click the Help button inside the Settings menu in-game. A link to contact customer support directly is at the bottom of the Help menu.

Where can I find my purchase receipt?


All receipts are sent to the email address used during checkout. Check here for more information.

I made a purchase for the wrong account. What should I do?


Unfortunately, currency and items are non-transferable. Always double-check if the User ID provided is correct before completing your purchase.

Where can I find my User ID?


Click the gear icon for Settings from the Home screen in the game. You will find your User ID and other account information there.

Can I get a refund of an in-app purchase made accidentally by my child?


Please contact support here so we can have our dedicated team help with this topic.

What’s the benefit of purchasing on the Ultimate Golf Web Shop?


In our official Web Shop you will find special deals and great prices. You can claim free rewards and exclusive offers. We work with a broad variety of payment methods so that your purchase is done in the most convenient way for you.

How are purchases processed on Ultimate Golf Web Shop?


Purchases are processed via Xsolla. Check here for more information.